I’ll will find my way


Shoot ‘I will ll find my way’. Published, exclusive on Jute Magazine

Extra publication on All The Names Magazine

The shoot shows you a vibe of a young woman. A woman who have struggled a lot in life. Fragile, thoughtful and now yearning for the light. At the end ‘She will find her way’. She will find that light that turns herself into a fierce and self-assured beautiful strong woman.

We shot with a real Arabian horse. As a symbol of strength, pure beauty and self confidence.

Photograpy & Retouch by Eelco Wortman
Concept & Styling by Valerie Caroline
Muah by Christine Marie Kat represented by Colourfool Agency
Assistant Styling by Madlyn Saswin
Model is Jaleesa del Casteletto via Moxie Models Amsterdam

Anbasja Blanken, Fien Ploeger via Blanche the agency, Sanktoleono Jewels, Daily Paper, Maria Vogt, Weekday, H&M, Zara, Buffalo Shoes, Marble’s Vintage Amsterdam.


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